In the hills of Cumberland Furnace, TN

Coverage Maps

Repeater Transmitter Range

Represents the average transmitting range of the repeater.

Repeater Receiver Range for Mobile

Represents the receiver of the repeater hearing a mobile at 5ft above ground doing 50 watts with 1dBd of antenna gain.

Repeater Receiver Range HandHeld

Represents the receiver of the repeater hearing a HT at 5ft above ground doing 5 watts with 0dBd of antenna gain.

User Commands

Repeater DTMF Control

List of commands for the average repeater user


Internet linking system
NODE # 747442

APRS Digipeater

N4FOX-1 Automatic Postion Reporting System

APRS maps

The Repeaters

145.330- PL 114.8
444.475+ PL 114.8
144.390 APRS
53.150- PL 91.5 N4GRW (Full time linked)
Located in the hills of Cumberland Furnace, TN

The 145.330 repeater is a Motorola MSF 5000 machine. With sinclair duplexer, Decibel DB224-E VHF antenna, 1-5/8 hardline. The ground elevation at the base of the tower is 880 feet above sea level. The repeater has a 70cm link radio & dual band frequency agile remote base (2M thru 70cm). This allows the system to tie into surrounding repeaters, & simplex frequencies remotely.
The 444.475 machine is composed of two UHF Motorola mobiles & running at 25 watts.
The APRS digipeater is a Motorola radio running at 40 watts with kantronics TNC.

The original 145.330 repeater frequency pair used to be located in Cumberland City, approximately 15 miles NW of its current location. Where it was once upon the old smoke stacks of the TVA power plant. It's now planted upon one of the tallest hills in Cumberland Furnace Tennessee, in the North West part of Dickson County. Where it will continue to grow and serve the amateur radio community in the surrounding counties.


The view from just 50ft

Motorola MSF 5000, 440 Link, Remote Base & APRS

Sinclair 6 cavity duplexer
Grounding system
1 5/8" Hardline
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