In the hills of Cumberland Furnace, TN

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Here you will find some information about some of my endeavors in amateur radio, about the small town I live in & my other hobbies. I got my ticket back in 1999. Ever since then I have been enjoying the hobby. I have had a few times where I put it down for a while but I always come back. Most of my hobbies seem to be that way. When I was first licensed my call sign was KG4CEO. I kept that call for about 12 years then applied for the vanity call N4FOX a few months after getting my general ticket. I have really enjoyed the people and the technology in my time in ham radio. It seems there are always new things to try out and learn from.

About the town

A Breif History of Cumberland Furnace Tennessee.

Located in Dickson County, Cumberland Furnace has witnessed in its entirety the history of the iron ore industry along the Western Highland Rim in Tennessee. It is the only existing iron furnace village remaining in Tennessee.
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